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Welcome to BioAmara

Welcome to our Web Shop. We are delighted to see you and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience!

Are you looking for an organic certified products? Are you looking for Organic Essential Oils based products? Do you use Essential Oils in your profession, or simply want the best aromatherapy products available in the market? Are you passionate about natural products?

Then... You've come to the right place! Please use the menu on the left to browse the selection of products exclusively available through our online shop!

As an Official UK Distributor of PRANARÔM International, we offer a range of products we have personally selected and believe are of the highest possible quality. PRANARÔM International is the official supplier of several leading international companies operating in various fields:
* perfumery (Estee Lauder)
* pharmaceuticals (Alliance Boots-Alphega, Pfizer, Capsugel, Qualiphar, Tilman),
* cosmetics (Aveda, Kenso, Darphin).

PRANARÔM's consumer products are sold in health stores and pharmacies worldwide and for the first time we are pleased to offer them in the UK market:

* Whole Foods shops accross the UK

* Independant Pharmacy's: Harrods Pharmacy, Bliss Pharmacy's, Dajani      Pharmacy, Dumlers Pharmacy, Haria Pharmacy...

* Luxury Spa's: Marriott Hotels, Design Hotels

Below is a short selection of products from PRANARÔM's current product range:

Face Cream Soothing Serum
Face Cream
Soothing Serum
YUN diffuser Scents of Provence
YUN Diffuser Scents of Provence
Easy Breathing Gel Cleansing Hand Gel
Pranabebe - Easy Breathing Gel Cleansing Hand Gel

Our promise to you is that none of the products that we sell through our website will go on sale before our experienced team have tested and enjoyed using them.

At the moment, not all of PRANARÔM's products are currently available on our website. However, we will be adding more products gradually but in the meantime we can provide you with any product PRANARÔM offers for the UK market if you simply get in touch with us by using our Contact Us form.

For the complete list of all PRANARÔM products, please visit their website at http://www.pranarom.com/en.

Thank you for shopping with us and for becoming our customer! We pride ourselves on our customer service and want to make sure your shopping experience with us is enjoyable!