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Pranarôm Product Quality

PRANARÔM is a leading global provider of 100% pure and natural chemo-typed essential oils, aromatherapy and beauty products. PRANARÔM products are registered by REACH (The European Chemicals Legislation - Natural Complex Substances) for oral and topical use.

PRANARÔM is changing the way doctors and professional therapists look at conventional medicine. PRANARÔM's products are sold worldwide in pharmacies and health shops and their products are offered in more than 15,000 pharmacies in Belgium, France and Spain.

PRANARÔM International, seeking to provide the highest quality of products, adopted the following quality charter:

• Priority is given to certified organic raw materials and, failing that, wild plant material collected from untreated sites.

• The duplicate analysis of all consignments of essential oils is performed - namely an analysis by gas chromatography done internally and analysis by chromatography and mass spectrometry performed by an independent laboratory.

These tests are carried taking into account the European Pharmacopoeia, AFNOR standards and strict internal company standards.

All essential oils are delivered with following documents:

• Official CoA, including physic-chemical parameters and a detailed qualitative and quantitative composition.

• MSDS file (Material Safety Data Sheet).

An archive of information on essential oils from raw materials to finished products allows for excellent traceability. There is a technical and a sample for each batch of essential oil to each of the synergies of essential oils made from Pranarôm and for each of the finished products (massage oil, shampoo, etc.)

The production follows the procedure of HACCP (Hazard Analyze of Critical Control Point). Those standards require traceability and self-finished products (bacteriological control, chromatography ...).

All capsules are manufactured and controlled in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice) and laboratory (GLP). The gelatin capsule is certified from marine or plant origin.

All products are notified to the Belgian Ministry of Health.

Pranarôm Producers

To provide essential oils of the highest quality, Pranarôm International has established a relationship of trust with its producers. These are indeed responsible for the selection of healthy botanically certified seeds and they are also the guarantors of the distillation plants: complex art and alchemy, which requires experience and know-how. Over time, Pranarôm established relationships and made sure to work with producers who are working seriously in respect of plants and essential oils.

For the sake of sustainable development, Pranarôm International invests in the planting of plants threatened with extinction. In collaboration with local producers, planting allows the survival of wild endangered plants and ensures the continuous supply of essential oils with unique properties.

Pranarôm providers are present around the world, but mainly in France, Madagascar, Morocco, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Slovenia due to special habitats of these countries.

Quality Control

To get a quality essential oil steady and faultless Pranarôm International SA conducts physical and chemical quality control.

For each essential oil, physical tests (analysis of the refractive index, optical rotation analysis, density measurement, flash point calculations) and chemical tests (chromatography and mass spectrometry) are made. These tests help ensure impeccable quality.

The smell, color and texture are also faced with a strict standard.

Last Updated: January 10, 2012