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YUN - natural wood and glass

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Product Details

YUN combines the miraculous properties of the ancient oriental Five-Sense Therapy, blending contemporary product design and the use of soothing music, together with varying light effects. It eases the mind and brings emotional balance and stress relief through the herbal mists connected to the scents of Mother Nature. This products combines modern technology to perfectly demonstrate the harmony and oneness of life and nature.

YUN diffuser is made of noble raw materials such as maple wood and manually processed glass, used in their natural state to maintain their qualities and energy. In doing so they increase the power of the Five-Sense Therapy and reveal the unique properties of the Chinese culture.


* Remote control with timer,

* Aux-in for external music source (MP3/CD/DVD player),

* In-built speaker,

* Volume +/- controls.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to use this diffuser in any room of the house. It can also be used in conference rooms, drawing rooms, hotels, hospitals, beauty parlors, spas, or any other public or private environment.

* Applicable Space : 30-50 m³